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Industrial Wastewater - Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Hychem is singularly focused on water and wastewater treatment coagulant and flocculant applications. This approach completely sets us apart from all other suppliers in terms of price, performance, and service in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry.  This focus on liquid/solids separation provides our customers with the lowest individual application cost, as well as the lowest overall total cost for the whole Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Our service capabilities for Chemical and Pharmaceutical water and wastewater polymer applications are substantial - based on a group of knowledgeable and experienced technical field sales personnel. In fact, by focusing our efforts on industrial water and wastewater clarification and dewatering systems we’ve gained a level of expertise unmatched by others.

Hychem’s depth of experience and expertise assures our customers smooth start-ups of new projects, “one of a kind” troubleshooting capability, and innovative cost-effective treatment programs.

Every representative of Hychem’s Industrial Division has over 15 years of experience in this field. When Hychem becomes your supplier, a minimum of 2 representatives (a Primary and Back-up) are involved in servicing your account.

Hychem’s Hyperfloc® Product Range for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Product Range Characteristics Applications
CB 400, CP 600, and CP 700 Series NSF Liquid - Inorganic Coagulants and Organic Polyamine and Polydadmac Coagulants Influent Water DAF and Settling Clarification
AE 800 and AF 300HH Series NSF Emulsion and Dry - Very High MW Anionic Free Polyacrylamide Flocculants
CP 900HG, CP 900HHG Series GRAS Dry - High and Very High MW Cationic Polyacrylamide Flocculants Fermentation and Bio-Products Process Solids Thickening and Belt Filter Press and Centrifuge Dewatering
CE 800G, CE 2000G, CE 3000G Series GRAS Emulsion - High MW Linear and Branched Cationic Polyacrylamide Flocculants
CP 900H, CP 900HH Series Dry - High and Very High MW Cationic VOC Free Polyacrylamide Flocculants Activated Sludge (MLSS) Secondary Clarification, Activated Sludge Solids Thickening, Belt Filter Press, Screw Press, and Centifuge Dewatering
CE 800, CE 800HH, CE 2000, and CE 3000 Series Emulsion - Linear and Branched MW Cationic Polyacrylamide Flocculants
Defoamer 400 Series VOC Free - Water Based, Silicone Based, and 100% Active Solids Defoamers Defoamers for Process Water and Wastewater
AF 200, AF 300, and AE 800 Series Dry and Emulsion - High MW Anionic Polyacrylamide Viscosity Modifiers Viscosity Modifiers, Whitewater Defoamers and Dispersants for Glass Mat Production
Defoamer 400 Series Water Extended Defoamers
HYSPERSE 1000 Series Liquid - Water Soluble Alkoxylate Based Glass Fiber Dispersants
CB 400 Series NSF Liquid - Inorganic Fe Based Coagulants Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Access to detailed documentation on Hychem’s range of products for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries is available to approved users.

For information on Hychem’s range of equipment for the dissolution and dosing of our products for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries please view our Equipment page.