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The range of synthetic water soluble polymers offered by Hychem is the most comprehensive range available to the industries we serve. Our technical support ensures the correct product selection and application of these products. It is recognized that the correct dissolution of these products coupled with the correct delivery to the point of application is critical to the optimum performance of these polymers. To this end, Hychem’s Equipment Division provides high-quality, state-of-the-art, cost-effective, polymer make-down and dosing systems.

Hychem’s equipment range includes make down units for both powders and emulsion polymers, mixing tanks, storage tanks, dosing pumps and in-line dilution systems. At the top of the range, polymer make down units are fully automated and computer controlled and can handle extremely large product volumes. At the lower end of the range, more simple systems are available but with the same high quality of engineering as the top end units.

Our equipment engineers are involved throughout the process – from initial site surveys through the design and build phase, to installation and commissioning.

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