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Industrial Wastewater

Numerous industrial processes require treatment of waste effluent streams or process streams to provide a high water quality for discharge or for use in the process itself. Hychem’s range of synthetic water soluble polymers is designed to enhance all types of solid/water separation systems to optimize water quality and solids recovery.

Our expertise covers the full spectrum of waste water treatment applications including: primary settling, dewatering, dissolved air flotation, and many others. Our highly-trained representatives supply technical support to industries such as Pulp and Paper, Food Processing, Chemical Manufacturing, and many others. Our staff undertakes complete surveys of the customer’s water management system and make recommendations for improvement using Hychem’s extensive range of water-soluble polymers.

Hychem’s commitment to service quality ensures that our customers’ water-treatment processes are optimized. Our technical expertise allows for effective troubleshooting should problems arise, and ongoing process improvement.

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