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Industrial Wastewater – Industrial Mobile Sludge Dewatering

Hychem is the market leader in the supply of emulsion and dry Polyacrylamide flocculants for the mobile dewatering of industrial and bio-solids sludge by mobile dredging and dewatering contractors.

Each project sludge sample is individually tested using the full range of HYPERFLOC® Polyacrylamide flocculants. A flocculant product meeting the sludge dewatering project’s criteria for throughput, cake solids, and solids capture is determined by a Hychem Technical Sales Representative. The Hychem Technical Sales Representative provides on-site project service to assure performance and cost goals are met.

Hychem’s commitment to service quality ensures that our customers’ water-treatment processes are optimized. Our technical expertise allows for effective troubleshooting should problems arise, and ongoing process improvement.

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